Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Government Benefit Programs is The Most Important Program In The World

Government benefit programs are important resources for people with low income or people going through difficult times. These programs help many people who have lost their jobs or don’t recourses they need to live. Most people get on government programs to be able to buy the essential items they need to live, if these resources were taken away lots of people would have no way to live a normal life. They would have no way to get food, medical care, or anything else that is important to live.

There are already so many people who do not get the help they deserve without government programs there would be even more in need of help. All these people would have to go find help from other family members or live on the street. Without these resources the communities where these people live would be in bad shape. There would be more people living on the street with no place to go and living without food, water, and clean places to live in. More people would get angrier with the way the government is working and taking care of the people in the U.S. All government programs have so many benefits in the country today without these programs the country would be in a worse state then it is. All the programs help so many people in so many different ways and help to keep people on their feet.

Government programs have many problems. People are on these programs that do not deserve to be on it. The people who take advantage of these programs are keeping people who actually need the help from being on it. People, who are on drugs, cannot keep a job, and have major felonies don’t deserve to get any help. There should be more requirements if somebody wants to get government help. It should be harder to get on any type of government assistants program. Everybody who gets government help should have to pass a drug test, if a drug test is not passed the first time that person should not even be considered to receive help. When a person fails one after they are given help it should be taken away immediately. A person on drugs probably sold their food stamps or any other help they received to get money for the drugs they are on. Somebody who wants to get government help should also show proof that they have had some kind of long term job recently.

They should also have to show that they have applied for jobs and tried to work towards getting one. If no proof is shown or if they don’t try to get a job within three months of receiving the help then they don’t deserve the help. I person wit a major felony has no right to receive government help. That person was in prison and did something wrong to break the law, so they will probably end up breaking the law again and ending up in prison again. For the time they are they should have to find their own way to live. That person messed up their own life and needs to find their own way to be able to live.

The only people that should receive government help are hard working and honest people that are going through a hard time in life and have no other way to survive. Everybody else should find a different way to get through in life and not take advantage of a program set up to HELP the people in our country. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Food Stamps For Poor People

Many people in the United States see government benefit programs as a waste. They think that people should have to make their own money and pay for their own food and medical by themselves without any help from the government. People are thinking this way because The United States is in debt and they think that these types of programs are only putting the country more in debt. What these people may not realize is that the people who receive government assistance are working and do make their own money but do not make enough to pay for what is needed to survive.

Some Americans see government assistance just giving away money to those who do not deserve it. Government benefit programs are such things as paying electric bills, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Lifeline Assistance. These programs are programs that help people survive. A person must have food in order to survive and must have health insurance in case they are seriously ill or injured. These resources are important for the people who work jobs but do not make enough of an income to support the hunger needs of their families. Food is not a want and should not be treated as one. Food is a need for a person to survive and all people, wealthy or poor, should be entitled to have food to survive. These programs help so many Americans with eating right, being healthy, having a doctor when needed, and having utilities; such as electric and water, that one needs to have.

The government is only providing what a person needs to live. The government is not handing out laptops, cars, spa days, etc. that people just want to have. I think there are a lot of people who think that people who receive government assistance are just lazy people who want things such as the wants I just listed, but in reality they are people who do not make enough money to provide food for their families.  More employers these days are considering their employees as “part-time” so they do not have to offer benefits. I feel as thing is also a problem with why so many people are receiving government assistance. Employees are working 39 hours, 1 hour short of full time, so that they do not have to receive assistance from their employers. There employees are working just as much as full time yet not given the benefits they deserve.

Even though government programs are great and helpful to so many deserving people, there are people who do not deserve them, and it is those types of people who make the deserving people look bad. I think that these programs can be improved so that those deserving can get their assistance with not feeling bad, and those who are not deserving can stop receiving. I know that is it is required now that if you are a single party you must have a job and work at least 20 hours a week or do 20 hours community service to receive benefits, which is a great start to improving! There are a few more ways that they programs can be improved. These ways would be drug screening weekly for recipients, drugs are a huge factor in receiving benefits from the government. People can receive money to help pay for groceries but cannot get a job or quit drugs. Assistance is given to any family that has a minor present in the household, no matter if the parent has a job. It is in households like these where they parents will not or cannot get a job because they cannot pass a drug test. This is one factor that is HUGE and should be weekly tested to receive benefits. Another improvement these programs could make is to monitor what is being bought with cash or food stamps. If you receive food stamps or assistance cash it should go towards NEEDS. Buy meats, fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, toilet paper, shampoo, toiletries, etc. A lot of these people are buying energy drinks, junk food, electronics, etc. which is not what the money is supposed to go toward. I think if the government could track what is being bought that that would help with the problems and they could see who is using it for the right purposes and who is not.

Government benefit programs are so helpful to those who need it for themselves and to support their families.  These people are being looked down upon because they need help in order to survive and they should not have to feel that way. These programs are great and very important, but with a little improvement these programs could be even better and not make those recipients feel as they are looked down upon.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Online Medicaid Use

Government programs such as food stamps and Medicaid cell phone are used by millions of Americans who are in tough financial situations. For many, they need these programs to survive on a day-to-day basis and keep them from going into poverty. A lot of critics of these programs say that the people receiving the resources are lazy, leeches of the system, and don't contribute to society. These statements are false and usually the individuals cannot get a job for a variety of other reasons. Without a job, the people are not able to survive if it weren't for the benefits of programs like food stamps. Although the programs do a lot of good, they aren't fool proof. There are certainly ways to improve the effectiveness of these programs.

One such way is to provide other types of programs in combination with programs like lifeline assistance program and food stamps. For example, a program that provides job training for the poor would be beneficial in helping these people get jobs or better jobs so that they don't need food stamps. The job training would be a free program meant for an average size class to further improve their skills and raise the chances of them getting hired. 

Another idea would be to offer discounted health club memberships for people with financial difficulties. The idea behind this is to increase the quality of products purchased with food stamps. Many people use food stamps for food that isn't healthy such as candy and other food lacking in nutrition. While this isn't wrong, it certainly doesn't help these people's situations where they need to be properly fed in order to perform to the best of their abilities at a job or job interview. Joining a health club promotes the idea of nutrition and exercise. If food stamps were used to purchase more nutritious food, that could help the people better themselves and lead to making good choices. If the people with financial difficulties have children, the children would have a better diet so they can perform well in school. Studies have shown that exercise and diet are key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. The pros outweigh the cons of getting a gym membership.

Overall, the different government assistance programs help people survive who otherwise would be helpless. There are definitely ways to improve the system including offering free job training and even discounted health club memberships. It gives those with financial difficulties a little extra help if they are looking for a job or trying to get a better job. The government programs work best when they try to find a cure for the problem instead of just trying to give a temporary fix. Working to get people off government programs is a great way to keep the programs around so that the government saves more money in the long run. If more and more people are on these programs, then we will eventually run out of money to keep them funded which would be an awful scenario for a lot of Americans. In the end, these important resources can be further improved with some minor changes.